Coming Soon: The Lost Gods

I’ve finished the third draft of my novel, The Lost Gods. I am shooting for a late March launch of the e-book and softbound copy. Right now I am waiting on my editor, AJ Sikes (author of Gods of Chicago), to finish the final review of the manuscript. You can purchase his book, a diesel punk romp through an alternative Chicago, on now. I’ve also commissioned a singer-song writer, Intisaar Jubran to write and record a song based on The Lost Gods, as well as three great artists to do some promo art and the book cover. It’s all very exciting, and it’s all happening soon. Here’s the back cover blurb:

“The swan song of the human race was short and brutal. An endless army of undead flowed out of Iraq and overwhelmed NATO forces.  Soon after, the nations of the world fell apart. All seemed lost.

Jesse, a championship wrestler and scholar, and his childhood friend Adam, a gutter-punk and handy man, are the only two living residents of Silverdale, Washington. Safe behind the walls of their ramshackle fort, their only worry is finding food and keeping their sanity.

One night, Jesse receives a strange vision from an unknown source.  A supernatural scream rips out of the forest and echoes through their small town. Their sense of safety is shattered and the two must investigate to find answers. Are Jesse and Adam the only living residents in Silverdale? Are they the last men on Earth, or is there another chapter in the roller coaster tale of human history?”

You can check out Intisaar’s music here.

Support these amazing artists, if you are so inclined.

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